Corporate Office:

3230 W. Commercial Blvd

Suite 190

Ft Lauderdale FL 33309


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Company Background


BCC Financial Management Services, Inc. was incorporated in 1991, and since its inception has been fully dedicated to servicing the account receivable needs of the healthcare provider community. At present, BCC is organized with an ever expanding professional staff whose sole focus is in the field of healthcare account receivable management. By fully utilizing executive management’s experience of over 114 combined years in Healthcare Receivable management, BCC has established itself as one of the premier healthcare collection organizations within the healthcare industry.





The fundamentals of BCC’s philosophy are service, integrity and communication. These three ingredients have been the formula for our long-term success. That success, for today and tomorrow, depends on consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations without compromise.


Our approach to collections is based upon a clear understanding, of each facility's policies, procedures and protocols. We are acutely aware that a facility is an integral part of the community in which it is located, and that there is a need to be sensitive to the patient’s requirements, while also trying to collect payments for services rendered.  Through the use of proper and timely application of both verbal and written communication, a mutually beneficial agreement can be achieved in most cases.  These fundamental beliefs, which are at the core of BCC’s corporate culture, include:


• Provide all patients with excellent Customer Service

• Provide our employees with state of the art technological resources

• Maintain a positive work environment

• Provide incentives and recognition to employees for their work product

• Provide on-going avenues of two-way communication with our employees, via:

• Legal updates

• Healthcare updates

• Business updates